The Definitive Guide to Harnessing the ZooGames API

Welcome to ZOOGAMES

The ZooGames API enables communication between your game and the blockchain. It allows you to create in-game transactions using vZOO tokens, retrieve NFT data regardless of the original chain, implement a simple and secure authentication system, and mint in-game chips or NFTs.

The protocol is constantly evolving, and we are working on several features such as cross-chain messaging (interacting with a target chain through the ZooGames API) and the integration of your gaming token into our ecosystem for a simple and free system.

By seamlessly integrating with all EVM networks, ZooGames offers users the freedom to connect, play, and earn across a range of networks such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Wanchain, and more.

With ZooGames, players have the flexibility to choose their preferred network and connect using their primary address (learn more) or using an innovative social login, which serves as their gateway to the platform. Additionally, users can link multiple secondary addresses to consolidate and manage their owned NFTs from any EVM chain. The platform allows the creation of multiple secondary addresses to cater to individual needs.

Once connected, the ZooGames protocol automatically generates a unique mirror address (Gaming Wallet) exclusively for gaming purposes. This mirror address, created on the Wanchain network, acts as a replica of the user's primary address (and any linked secondary addresses) and facilitates seamless participation within the gaming environment.

ZooGames empowers players with a versatile and interoperable gaming experience, where blockchain technology enhances security, transparency, and ownership of in-game assets.

With the addition of the Instant PlayPass feature, players can now dive straight into the action without the initial setup of a ZooGamesID.

Want to jump right in?

To get started, please install the ZooGames SDK and familiarize yourself with the functionality of our Game Settlement API available here.

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