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QuickStart Guide for Seamless Integration

Creation of your Game Address

Every game uses a Game Address, which acts as a routing mechanism for in-game transactions. This address will be your game's wallet that receives the funds collected (your profit) from sales or a percentage of transactions or any other mechanics you have chosen.

It's important to note that funds can be withdrawn with a 7-day delay. This delay allows us to verify that a legitimate pattern has been used in the game and that no fraudulent activity has been generated.

To proceed, please visit Zoo.Games and create a ZooGamesID that will control this address.

How to create a ZooGamesID with METAMASK (recommended)

In order to communicate with the protocol, you need to obtain a free API key from our team. To do this, please reach out to a ZooGames team member or fill out this form.

Once your game fully utilizes the Testnet functions of the protocol, we will provide you with a Mainnet API Key for the final release of your game.

The use of the protocol is free; however, transaction fees are automatically deducted to generate additional rewards for players (GameStake).

SDK installation

To interact with our API, we recommend installing our official SDK, which provides the best integration with our system. This SDK simplifies the process of connecting to our API and provides pre-built functions and tools to facilitate development.

Please follow the installation instructions provided in the documentation specific to your chosen SDK. This will ensure that you have the necessary libraries and dependencies set up correctly in your development environment.

By using our official SDK, you can streamline the integration process and take advantage of the features and functionalities we offer in a more efficient and effective manner.

# Install via NPM
npm install --save zoo-game-sdk

Testnet Faucet

We have developed a straightforward testnet faucet that allows you to request testnet vZOO tokens.

Let's start with "Authentication"

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