Web2/Web3 Authentication System

On ZooGames, players have two primary methods to log in and access the platform:

  1. ZooGamesID: This is the traditional method where users create a unique identifier known as the ZooGamesID. It is a unique identifier that represents a player's identity on Zoo.Games. When a player starts a ZooGames compatible game, they enter their ZooGamesID to link their profile to the game. Once set up, users can log in using their ZooGamesID + 2FA to access all platform features.

  2. Instant PlayPass: For those who want to dive right into the action, the Instant PlayPass allows users to start playing games without initially setting up a ZooGamesID. Players simply input a username in-game (but not mandatory), and ZooGames takes care of the rest, automatically creating a primary and a mirror gaming address for them. This method is perfect for newcomers who want to explore the platform without any initial commitments. If they decide to take full ownership of their gaming progress and rewards later, they can easily link these temporary addresses to a newly created ZooGamesID.

Both methods are designed to provide flexibility and ease of access, catering to both seasoned gamers and newcomers alike.

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