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A stable oracle price service

Current vZOO / ZOO Price

In the context of this gaming API, an Oracle price of the vZOO token serves an important purpose. The vZOO token is the native token used within the game ecosystem, and its value can fluctuate in the market.

The Oracle price refers to a periodically updated price of the vZOO token, which is obtained from an external data source such as Coingecko or CMC. This price information is then utilized within the gaming API for various purposes, such as:

  1. Game Settlement: When settling game transactions involving the vZOO token, the Oracle price is used to calculate the value of rewards, prizes, or in-game assets in terms of the vZOO token. This ensures fair and accurate distribution of rewards based on the current market value of the token.

  2. Pricing Mechanics: The Oracle price can be utilized to determine the pricing of in-game items, upgrades, or services that are purchased using the vZOO token. By considering the current market price, the game can maintain a balanced economy and adjust the pricing accordingly.

  3. Exchange Rates: If there are interactions or transactions between different tokens or currencies within the game ecosystem, the Oracle price of the vZOO token can be used to establish exchange rates or conversion ratios. This enables seamless conversions and consistent valuation across different token types.

By integrating an Oracle price of the vZOO token into the gaming API, developers can ensure that the in-game economy accurately reflects the real-world value of the token. It enhances the transparency, fairness, and consistency of game mechanics related to the vZOO token, providing a more engaging and reliable gaming experience for the players.

Get the current price of ZOO / vZOO


We recommend using the Mainnet API to fetch the current price.

"success": true,
"symbol": "ZOO",
"price": 0.004199399631770368

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