API Endpoint


For your projects, we provide two different API endpoints based on the network you intend to utilize:

Mainnet API Endpoint

This endpoint is specifically designed for integration with the mainnet network. It enables you to interact with the ZooGames API in a production environment, where real transactions and operations occur. You should use the Mainnet API Endpoint when your project is ready for deployment and needs to interact with the live blockchain network.


Testnet API Endpoint

This endpoint is intended for use on the testnet network. The testnet environment allows you to experiment and test your integration with the ZooGames API without utilizing real funds or affecting the live blockchain network. It provides a sandbox-like environment for developers to ensure the functionality and reliability of their applications before transitioning to the mainnet.

You can request Testnet vZOO here


Please ensure that you select the appropriate API endpoint based on your project's requirements and the desired network environment.

We recommend testing on the Testnet environment first. Throughout the documentation, we use "API_END_POINT_URL" to represent the API Endpoint you choose to use. Replace it with the appropriate Testnet or Mainnet URL as needed.

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